Last Man Standing

There is a game I have been playing for the past 4 years; It is called Gems with Friends.  Free game that takes 2 minutes to play each round and there are rounds against your opponent. After the winner is named, you have the chance to request a rematch.

When you first get started, if you don’t already know someone playing, you send a request to start a game with a random opponent.  Depending on the skill level match you, you can gather a regular group of players.

I found myself playing Jeep, Butterflyhotte8965, Jugglingmom , Teemcp and Tnlonest*r quite often.

Occasionally I would look at the leadership board.  This is where you find out weekly how you are standing against all the players in the game.  I wasn’t doing too bad….advancing up occasionally. Last week I noticed I placed just under the best player in the game…Butterflyhotte8965.  WOW!  I am kicking ass and taking names.  I scrolled down to see where the rest of my friends fell; and got to the bottom of the list almost immediately.  In one screen shot they were all listed.  Just me and my friends.  I went to the games Facebook page and saw the last post was in 2014.  We seem to be the last 6 people playing this game……IN THE WORLD!!

The other day, I made my first in-ap purchase.  I had run out of coin and needed to buy more in order to buy more lucky hearts to play Teemcp for the win.  I bet the owners of the game were shocked when they got a notice that they had a purchase.  The service fees for the account were probably more than my $2.99.

If anyone is reading this…..send help……GEMS with FRIENDS!

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