Little Friskers

Back in the day….and I know that times have changed…the Blue Birds went door-to-door spreading the joy of mints and Almond Roca all over town.  We tracked which streets and houses we have already covered and managed to ask everyone who owned a home in our zip code.  One year I even earned the stuffed seal that I had had my sights set on.  It was a huge fucking deal!

When the neighbor girl and I set out with our red wagon full of boxes, her mother wondered if my mom was worried about strangers kidnapping us.  Mom explained to her that she was confident if I was taken…I would be returned shortly.  Yeah…. I was THAT child 😉

I believe it is because of stranger danger, that parents now days have chosen a more captive audience approach.   Not only does it give them maximum exposure, all moms and dads have to do is deliver the angels to every entry point of any grocery and drug store in a 5-mile radius of their home and do surveillance from the car.  They also tape an order form to the breakroom table and hope they sell themselves.

It is so frustrating!   They ask you both on your way in and on your way out if you wanna pick up a box of diabetes.  They climb on the carts, gather in a gaggle you have to navigate to get out of the store and hang out in a group because they get to see each other on a weekend and not in school.  They are not learning math, how to give change or able to tell you what the money that is raised will be used for.  They don’t offer you the opportunity to send the treats to our service men and women as an option to your “No thank you”.  They really aren’t doing anything.

If my sister is reading this…I am not talking about mini.  We all know she is perfect and that you are right beside her teaching her to be outgoing, respectful and engaged.  She dresses up as a cookie, she dances on the side of the road to get attention and she takes orders from her family and friends on her own.

I just wish she oversaw teaching the rest of them how to do it correctly.

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