Ms. Manners

When my mom used to man the office at our elementary school, she ran a tight ship.  Anytime a student would come to her and make ANY request; if it didn’t have “please” at the end, the answer would be NO.  Band aid, ice packs, a phone call to their parents or 911…didn’t matter.  You would bleed to death if you forgot your manners.

In high school, she answered the phone at home with a “Hi! How are you?”  if you even thought of not answering that questions, before stating the reason for your call…she wrapped right back around to the “Hi! How are you?”.    Our friends learned quickly.

Today, when the HMFIC’s appointment arrived; I greeted him like my mom would have.

Me: “Hi! How are you?”

Him: “I have an appointment with Bill.”

Me: “Hi! How are you?”

Him: “I am fine.”

Me: “glad to hear; and your name is?”

The days of waltzing through the front door like you are doing me a favor is over. There is a new Sheriff in town; and she learned from the best 😉

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