Under the Gun

We made some new friends at restaurant a couple of months back.  They were so nice and we had such a great time; we were looking forward to hanging out with them again.

We penciled a get together on the calendar and then like that dam in California plans flooded the month.  It began to look like there wouldn’t be any reason to pay rent; because we were never going to be home.  I don’t like it when things get that busy so with as much warning and honesty as possible, I cancelled a few things.  This freed up time for things like grocery shopping, laundry and sleep.

What is so great about my friends is they know me.  They flip me shit…but they understand.  As I shared earlier, we just met this couple; and apparently they are not quite as flexible.  I mean, in the reply to the cancellation, they did share that they appreciated the heads up, it was all good and they wondered about a re-schedule.  I committed to taking a look at the calendar and getting back to them.

CLICK!  And just like that the timer started.  Where this timer is, how much time it has on it or what will happen to you if time runs out…..I have no fucking clue.  But it exists because I got a follow up email yesterday.  It read:

Still hoping to get together with two of you.

No apologies. It’s all good.  We all get busy.

Just wanted to pencil something on the calendar 🙂

First, I hate that ugly emoji.  And second, APOLOGIES?  What the fuck do I have to apologize for?  Did I do something wrong?  Did I hurt you?  Did I call you fat? Steel your man or take away your birthday?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Nope….I missed SERD (Standard Email Response Deadline)  You bet your sweet ass the reply I sent 3 days later started out “I am not sure what the apologies would be for.”  Followed by the rest of the blow-off.

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