My seemingly endless second job

For the past several months I have been battling the property management company over the inferior services we have been receiving in our unit.  Sticky floors, non-emptied trash cans, dusting and most disgusting…the bathroom.

When situations like these arise, I ALWAYS follow the approved course of action.  I call in, leave the details and a service dude comes out and takes care of it.  Well…. most of the time.  The rest of the time they run out to their trucks and grab one of the biggest fucking band aides I have ever seen, and slap it on whatever they are unable to resolve.  Yep…that’s it.  No follow up. No permanent resolution.  Just their best try.  One per problem.

If the situation continues, despite the approved course of action being followed to the letter….well, this is when things get entertaining.

I start adding verbiage to my discussions with the customer service department like:

“Well!  Here we are again…..” re-state the issue

“ONCE AGAIN”….re-state the issue

I then add follow up questions, such as:

“Does anyone care over there?”

“are you sure they are getting the messages?”

and lastly “Is there anyone else I can speak to about this?”

That is usually where the fun part starts.  Fun for me…. never them.  I get the managers name and email, which I immediately blind side the original recipient with the addition of their supervisor in my follow-up.  I include the long chain of conversation history, to speed up the end the story and start firing off a list of demands.

It rarely takes more than that.  But there are those special times, when they think I am kidding or that I don’t recall word for word what the commitment was.  They quickly REPLY ALL (which is usually an act of treason in my world but for this….it just makes for a bigger stage) about all they are going to do to get to the bottom and address it once and for all.

Which is where I usually write back, include a quote from their boss as to their competency or back story; and ask that they connect with him or her, before taking further action.

I am expecting nothing less from the team when they get my messages today about the stains on the bathroom floor.

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