Watergate 2017

I fired Chrystal Springs 4 months ago.  They were not able to service our office; which included the actual delivery of water.  It took forever for them to come and get their bottles; and we cut ties about three weeks later.

So imagine my surprise when they dropped off 25 bottles while I wasn’t manning the command center.  That took another round of phone calls to get them to pick their shit up again!!

Oh it gets better….

Then they tried to deliver again; so I broke down the laws of trespassing and littering to the driver.  Under no circumstances were they welcome in our office; and definitely don’t leave any of their crap water behind.

This morning I walked into the kitchen to find 4 new bottles of Crystal Springs on the floor.

Allow me to recap….  We don’t have an account.  We asked several times for their shit to be picked up and no more left.  We have spoken to every punk they hire and reminded them they are not welcome here.  But water keeps coming.

This morning, after 37 minutes on hold, I let the representative know that the bottles will be on the curb and marked FREE.  It’s not my fault they keep leaving their shit around town.

Update:  two are already gone 🙂

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