Slow News Day?

How is that possible?  We have a homeless crisis! The mayor is requesting more frisking to mismanage yet another attempt to resolve it, Hate crimes in the form of burning churches and shootings and the Nora virus spreading through at least one school district.  If that isn’t enough to fill up an hour…The Orange Lord is making a mockery of the US government while simultaneously whining CONSTANTLY that everyone is picking on him.

So imagine my surprise when the 5 o’clock news had such vital stories like:

Transgender, whose sister swears the transition killed their father 2 years ago, has started singing again.

Autistic child who has developed a relationship with the Ben Bridge sign at the Capital Mall.

What the hell…..

Now, I am all for a feel good story.  It is a bit much for our post-election emotions to watch the horror of the outcome unfolding for a full 60 minutes. Here is how I propose we meet somewhere in the middle, with regard to the utilization of my time.

You cram all the highlights of the past 12 hours or anything you need to update from the last broadcast, into 30 minutes and then on to a show that I care about like Inside Edition or Last Man Standing.  Hell I’d even tolerate watching the QVC Hot Deal of the Day; to not have to sit through what they asked me to stay tuned for next.  It was the answer to the daily trivia quiz and 90 seconds of banter about the ends of bread loaves.  Shoot me now!

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