Gone in 60 Seconds

We offer many resources to our team members, including company cars.  If they need to run an errand or visit a customer; all they must do is reserve one.  There was a period when the schedule wasn’t being utilized; and team members needing transportation, found themselves in an empty parking lot.  No Bueno.

I sent a note out to all my office mates, reminding them to be courteous to everyone by reserving the vehicles when needed.

There were still a few conflicts, but not nearly as many as in the past.  We have also identified the facilities team as the worst offenders.  They will just up and take a car for a quick errand (it is always business related) not even looking to see if the car was needed by anyone else. JERKS!

So I reach out to the offenders individually and ask to come work with me directly, so we can find out what the system error is.  Knowing full well it is user error; and this gives them the chance to splain they fucked up.  The worst of them has decided to play nice and pay more attention to the system. When trying to reserve a car, the right one could not be found.  After I got the SOS I replied with specific instructions.

“Yes.  You can reserve the vans.  They are listed as Van #1 and Van #2 in the drop-down menu.  I can see them on my screen; if you aren’t able to find them, you might want to connect with I.T..”  Still unable to get the vehicle needed, she asked me to watch over her shoulder, so I would know she was not insane.

She opened the calendar and began to type “Car #1…..”  I stopped the process and explained to her that that is not how they are listed. THAT is why it is not an option for you.  She turned to me and said “Oh!  how are they listed?”

Lunch time!

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