By Invitation Only

Once I got a month online and a month ahead, I began to share where to locate this wealth of bitching.  I started with my snow twin and mom (Hi Mom).  I branched out to a handful of people who would be able to hear me telling this opinion in “real life”…along with the imagined hand gestures; this blog could be very entertaining for them.  A few more friends were added along with an invitation to pass it along to anyone who they thought would get a kick out of reading along.

Then I did the unimaginable.  I shared it with work folks!  Yes…yes I did.  The move was calculated.

See, in case you are new to my world, I was fired once because of descriptions and opinions I wrote on line.  I was not shock, I had way more potential than to be cooped up in an office with those cry babies.  It was because of my hatred, I focused on the worst in them.  I gave them all code names; but HR said that those I was writing about knew it was them I was writing about.  But no matter how many times I pressed in my exit interview , they wouldn’t admit that I was right about what was going on in that office.

Back to my plan of attack…

Not only will having team members reading keep me from talking shit about them; if enough managers read and realize how talented I am…I might even score a raise.

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