American Pie

We have plans to meet up with some friends for dinner this weekend.  Since we are going to be at their house, OF COURSE I offered to bring something.  The host suggested dessert.  AWESOME!

Last night they reached out and let us know they had dessert taken care of, so all we had to bring was ourselves.  UH-UH  no way.  I have to bring something.

I replied that she needed to come up with something for me to bring.  Even if it was TP I wanted to contribute.  Being the great host she is, she suggested a bit of ice cream.  That would go perfectly with the cherry pie.

WHAT?… Cherry.  Oh we have a whole nother problem now.  That shit is nasty.

Decision time:

Flake out

Hope they have a dog that will eat under the table….and likes Cherries.

Be honest

Plow through and try not to barf.

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