Obama Care

I fucking hate my husband’s boss.  He is the evil in a human form, incapable of feelings and ONLY looking out for himself.  Not only did he not give raises for 2016, he decided he would no longer pay for health care.  Couldn’t have come at a worse time, but we found some bullshit coverage on the exchange; in order to avoid the penalty.

That has little to do with this post….I just like to vent about that asshole from time to time.

So, Hubs healthcare payment is due on the last day of the month.  I have it noted on the calendar at home as well as the electronic calendar on our phones.  Being that February is a short month, I fired off a warning shot on the 27th.  Here is what was said:

“Honey?”…… “yes?”……… “pay your insurance.”……. “okay.”

Last night, just as we were settling into bed, he jumps up, grabs his iPad and leaves the room.  Obviously, I am going to need to know where he is going so I asked.  “to pay my healthcare.”

WHAT?!?!  you didn’t do that on the 27th when I told you to?  What the hell happened?  He told me that he rolled his eyes and wondered to his brother what the hell my problem was…it wasn’t due for another 4 days.

I guess I am going to have to do a little man-splaining.

My instructions to you were NOT to try to figure out how many more days of the month there were, to decide on a day to pay it or to even have a single emotion about the situation.  The ONLY thing he had to do was PAY THE DAMN THING!  UGH!

I hope it lapses and he gets Zeeka.

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