How to be Annoying 101

From arguing over technicalities on shelf price tag to bringing special attention to rule breakers and asking for explanation; Once it is questionable, it will stay that way until I agree or can understand the reason behind it.

Having never rented an apartment before, I am trying to make sure I understand what is expected of us as well as our neighbors. Recently there was a Semi truck (no trailer) taking up 5 spots in front of our unit.  Though it did not affect my ability to park, the driver did decide to warm it up at 3 am.   OH     HELL      NO!

The next morning I wrote to the manager:

“While I am sure there was permission for the semi-truck to park so disrespectfully, I wondered who gave approval to use the diesel engine during the ‘quiet hours’?”

Her response was full of apologies letting me know the truck did not have permission and would have been tagged for towing, had it not left in the morning.

The next time I saw that ass hole….I parked in front of him so all he would be able to do was start it up.  Then I would have him trapped to answer a few questions I would have once he woke me up; AND left my car there the next day.  Reminds me of making the Marines come to my office and explaining why they thought it was okay to park in my spot…. which had a fucking sign on it an everything.  Then promptly explained that I was over ratio so I would not be move my car just yet….so they would have to wait.  God Bless ‘MERICA!

This morning I noticed that there has been a stroller parked on our landing for a day or so.  Looks a bit trashy but hey…what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.  So I wrote the manager:

“Good morning.  Who do I need to get permissions for in order to store my property near the mailboxes?”

Her response quoted fire codes and warnings of theft as reasons why they don’t allow it.  To which I questioned if it was because I have a bike?  followed by wondering if I put a child’s seat on it would I be extended the same exception as the mom with a stroller?  OH!  she would take care of it.    Yeah you will….

Other things that I question:

Why the vendor thought it was appropriate to grab 3 snacks and 2 sodas from our kitchen?

What does the package not making it back to the company, have to do with my refund?

Why is it my problem that you ran out of bread?

Kinda  like Jessie Jones….only WAY more annoying.

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