Incosistantly Irrational

Man I lose my shit fast!…But never the same speed, reason or level of vengeance.

I was thinking about that, as I put a picture of Satan as a caller ID and changing the name to appear as “Super Douche”.  It is possible that the infraction may not have been worthy of such a punishment.  That thought has been validated…because I have since changed it back.  The infraction?  Not texting for a week.  Ya…I know. It’s not like there is a contractual obligation between friends to communicate a minimum number of times a week or respond before a maximum number of hours.  I straight went from zero to beeeeotch with quickness.

Yet, I managed to make time for someone whom I describe our encounters to be more like a “keep your friends close and your enemy’s closer” situation.  She would be the enemy in the equation.  For reasons that would take more room to explain than there is allowed in my blog hosting package, we are not exactly friends anymore…but I gotta keep my eyes on her.  Yet her name doesn’t pop off as “HOOKER”  or “Karma’s Bitch”.

I guess this is a glaring case of …. It’s not you it’s me 🙂  Naw! Hubz tells me I am perfect every day.

Hmmmm how many friends and family are hinking I am talking about them?  HaHaHaHa

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