Golden Ticket

There are perks to party planning.  Sometimes it is a cheesy thumb drive or a mouse pad.  Other times it is something a bit more useful, like a blanket or box of handmade sea salt caramels.  As the shin digs get bigger…so do the treats.

Like being able to attend events that venues or vendors host, gift cards, free lunches and show tickets.  I do pass them along most of the time.  I don’t wear much swag, I don’t really enjoy chocolate and if Hubz isn’t invited…I won’t feel like going.

What I got this time was EPIC.  Free Tickets to my favorite venue of all time.  It doesn’t matter how shitty the show….venue and food are why I go.  I just love it there.

Each ticket covers the cost of two show admissions.  YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! (*maximum ticket value $25)  I went straight to the line up to see what kind of happiness was going to be in my future!  NO WAY!  The Tom and Jerry Show is coming in September!  I saw that the ticket prices were $30, so called the place looking to see how we would handle the difference.

Believe it or not…..there is no way to do it.  The tickets were ONLY good for $25 tickets.  That is all!  No paying the $5 difference, no exceptions, NO WAY!

Let me see if I have the correct.  You wanted my business so bad that you offered these “Special” tickets in exchange for my John Hancock on the $6K dinner reservation.  But you are going to be that shitty about $5?  That is going to make or break you?  Turns out there are very few $25 shows.  Everything good is $30 and you are obviously scared of the five dollar bill.

It is going to take one hell of a Holiday gift from this dump to get me to book again. The 4-pack of crayons and a menu to color at Red Robin are better than this golden paper bullshit!


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