I was SO sure!

There have been so many things recently that was sure of…only to be proven wrong.  And they were some big wrongs.

There was no way Ronald was going to become the Republican candidate.  Um…..yea…but it happened.  I went to bed the night of November 7th  knowing it would be close but the orange lord wouldn’t win.  I spend most of the next morning in tears; trying to compose myself enough to go to work.

Super bowl – Despite my team not being included in the festivities, I was sure going to enjoy the take down of the Deflatriots.  It was looking good too…..till the other team seemed to just stop playing in the 4th quarter.  UGH!

And Snow.  They said it was going to be a big storm.  A few inches in most places around here.  Being that I have lived here my whole fucking life and only missed one damn day of school, I told the team as well as our out of town guests not to worry.  It might snow….but it will be gone by breakfast.

The next morning when 90% of the office couldn’t get here, I was singing a different toon.  Not to mention the catered Panera spread for 100 people that was set up in the conference room.

Now we have testing missiles flying around as a warning shots, Ciaos in Sweden (only if you listen to the orange lord), bad hombres flowing into the country in droves and materials being bought as we play a game of chicken as to who is footing the bill for this big ass wall.

I have absolutely no idea what is going on. I am no longer sure of anything.  Well…except that the chicken fried steak dinner we are going to whip up with The Rents is going to be AWESOME!!!  Tomorrow is anyone’s guess.

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