Phone Tree

Most of the people in my office do not have phones at their desks.  Outside of Sales and Marketing…there is little reason the rest of us would communicate with the outside world.  I am one of the lucky few to have one and apparently, it is listed as the last resort in the triage.

I get a handful of phone calls a month.  Some are just auto dialers, a sprinkle of them just want the alias to send an email to and occasionally there is a complete nut job that learns that someone will answer if they hit this extension :/

So Speed Racer rang through today.  In one breath and three minutes she had repeated the entire history of why she was calling and that she still required help.  Not having a clue what to do with this person, I placed her on hold to find out . When I got back on the line, I should have asked if she was still there.  Cause I went through this whole song and dance about needing to take her name and I having to find someone to help us.  By the time I got to the part where I would write down her number…I noticed the silence on the other end.

Someone from the department next to me dropped her name.  I looked up in shock and let her know that was exactly the name of the person I was just speaking to.  Apparently we were all working with THE most important person on the planet. There is NO reason one of us cannot contact the development team directly and make them fix he log in issue right this minute.  She had already left messages at any extension she could and sent an email to every alias on our website.

Finally equipped with the facts to give her, I answered her third call.  I explained to her what my research had concluded and that I hoped I had helped in even the smallest way.  Then she says “Maybe if you had a second, you could run me through how your program works. Because….”

Hang on now….I told her.  You are speaking to the receptionist (which I am not but the goal was to get her to stop calling me so I had to paint a humble position).  I sign for packages and order copy paper.  I am just one step above the janitorial team.  If she wanted to speak about what snack bars she would like to have on the next Costco order or request a special soda for the fridge, I am your girl.  If you want to start a conversation about systems and platforms….you are going to have to wake me up when you are done.

She reached back out to the team I directer her too and did exactly as instructed.  She said that she appreciated everyone’s help.  Especially how hard Celeste tried, even though apparently she works in the basement.


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