Oink! Oink!

When I was in grade school, we always exchanged valentine’s cards and had a little party in each of our classrooms.  A few days before the event, our “art project” was to make a mailbox, box or basket.  You placed them on your desk and that is where each of your classmates would put your treat.  And EVERY classmate did it.  We were in private school…it was the LAW!

I ALWAYS got the most undesirable card in the package.  Usually it had a pig on it.  Yes, the pig had foil hearts for eyes, was sometimes wearing a tutu or may have been puckered up to plant red lips on one’s cheek.  I cannot tell you how many Cu-PIGS I have seen.

Even the kid across the street, whom we all had a crush on, gave me a pig valentine.  It came with a used Ziploc bag of mini peanut butter cups so he was forgiven; but C’MON!

When my dad worked for over a month on a project, that required him to live on site, the job fell over Valentines day.  To make it special he bought (included picking them out himself, paying for them and signing each one) these HUGE cards.  When I opened it, it was like a pop up card, only giant foil red lips came to a close from various cute animals.  You guessed it…. mine was a pig.  Thanks dad!

Today a the Dollare Diva gave us team an air plant (which I have always wanted) and THE most adorable little planter with a succulent for hair.  Yep…..I got the pig

What in the hell is the universe trying to tell me?  And how have I got gotten the message by now?

Turns out my spirit animal could be the pig.  I read some great things about the swine folk.  Plus mine is so much cuter than the rest.  I am so the favorite 🙂

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