I can do this!

I keep my feelings so close to the surface that it is hard for me to hide my first impression or reaction to any situation.  I also let things get to me quickly and hold on to feelings of resentment for an astounding and unnaturally super human amount of time.

People like me need to manage our expectation.

Just because when I say I am going to do something, it is not appropriate to expect others to stay true to their word.

I will drop everything for a friend by just seeing their name on my caller ID.  This does not mean that I can expect there will be anyone in my time of need.  (Except you, Hubz.  Your ass is obligated for life!)

When I take on a task, I do it in ADDITION to everything else that is already expected of me.  So when someone is pre-occupied with their shiny new interest and forgets all about their other responsibilities; It is up to me to move on and accept that I can only count on myself.

If I compromise, give and try to be more flexible; I should not expect the same behavior when it is my turn to ask.

I really don’t feel I need to change who I am….but I am super tired of the feelings, when you realize you were the only one who is vested.  #painful

So….yeah….this is one of those posts that I warned would be more like a downer.  You probably got all excited for today’s post and are now like…”Fuck…what a kill joy.”  Sorry about that.  You know what always makes me feel better? Masturbation!

There’s that smile 🙂

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