School of Life

I learned two VERY important life hacks today that blew my mind.

First was the fact that I FINALLY understood what is making my hair piss me off as much as it has for the past month or so.  It is a little thing called breakage.  Ya….not a new term, just one that is finally making sense. That explains why I have so many fly-aways and untamable ends.  ARGH!  Thankfully I have a hair appointment manana.  I still plan on chopping a bunch off, in the hopes to lighten the load so it will hold a curl.  But now I will also ask how to keep this shit from happening any more.

I never said these revelations would impress you or anything.  I am just happier than a pig in shit that I get it now.

The next one is the ability to turn the notifications off from a post on FaceBook.  The only reason I don’t like more shit or wish someone well is, I do NOT want to spend the rest of the day with my phone blowing up cause the rest of the family begins to comment too.  Now that won’t happen and I can leave a comment of every damn post I see. You have been warned.

Stay tuned to see if I ever learn how to NEVER run out of coffee or tampons.  One would think that lesson would have been the priority.

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