Happy Birthday!

I have dinner with my family every Sunday.  We gather at The Rents for cocktails at 5pm dinner at 6pm….or as close as Papa get to it 😉

Ama has her own blog.  That one is mostly about stupid shit Papa does, or in most cases DOESN’T do.  She lets him know the minute he provides fodder and he just rolls his eyes.  If there was room in this world for one more reality show….it would be shot at their house for sure.  But until then; this is Ama’s way of getting it off her chest , as well as a place to write all the things that make you come off as passive aggressive on Facebook.

My blog is more of the same, only it is not reserved for just my dad.  Sort of an equal opportunity shenanigan call out if you will.  If you do something stupid and I see it…. chances are it is something I am going to share.

Last night was no different.  Mini was doing her usual….playing on her phone and only half-ass listening to the conversation around her.  I was talking about wanting to donate my hair to locks of love.  I have been growing it out for some time and am becoming quite irritated with the amount of time it sucks out of my life to take care of it.  We talked about how long it has to be, what they do with it if it is not long enough, who the wigs are for, the story of when I donated the first time.  I said that I was talking about cutting my hair along with a friend of mine, who lives in California.  We would take the train and meet up somewhere in the middle.  Make a weekend out of it.

Mini unglued herself from her glowing screen and asks “Are you really going to fly to California to get your hair cut?”

I promptly announced that a post had been born.  February 12, 2017 at 4:17 pm PST  330 words 🙂

Not to be outdone, Papa got right in on the action.

Overhearing Hubz working with Mini and her iPhone, Papa sat down, whipped out his iPhone and began to follow along.  Unfortunately, the damage Papa had already done on his own, required a pass word reset.  He vented that he had already done that but they never sent him a new one.  Hubz explained that it most likely went to his junk mail.

Papa shouted to Ama….”Criddy!  did you see anything for me when you were looking at my junk?”  “From now on I want you to check my junk and let me know if there is anything important there!”

Turns out it was twins!! February 12, 2017  6:47pm  99 words.

Characters and writer are doing fine.

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