Not it!

One of my brother in law’s is an identical version of the pre-medicated me.  He explosive, selfish and oblivious to the destruction he leaves in his wake. Though I like to think of my past as more passionate and not problematic like his.

He lived in a nearby city for the first few years his brother and I were married.   In that time we tried to reach out and include him in family events or just a movie with his bro.  He was never available and we were never a priority. Thankfully he moved back home a few years ago and we were able to relax….until his last dickhead strike.

See, he knocked up the local beauty queen so it was now necessary to get married.  He TEXTED me to announce the pregnancy/proposal and said he hoped I would come.  Not his biggest fan, I said I would try to make it work with the new job; but for sure his brother would be there.  I was honest in the next few exchanges, which the prince did not appreciate.  The ultimate blow came when he texted his brother to let him know…I was no longer invited to his wedding.

That is one serious ass action!  It was not uninviting a co-worker from three jobs ago; this is telling his brother that he cannot bring his WIFE!  Is not just something you do to hurt someone; it is what you do when you are willing to disassociate yourself from this person for the rest of your natural life.

No one is dumb enough to challenge me to a game of wills.  This was going to be an epic Hollywood style hold out.  Until 2014 when I caved and joined hubby for a hometown Christmas.  The drive to the airport alone created more tears and venomous feelings than anything I had ever experienced. My poor sister had to stay on the phone with me for the over an hour drive so that I would have someone to get the feelings out to.  It is a night I will never forget.  All because there is nothing I wouldn’t do for my husband.  He asked so I became the bigger person.

After that trip, I swore I would never do that again.

Yesterday his sister called to say that she has decided to follow in her big brothers footsteps and is pre-married prego. The wedding is in 5 weeks.  Great…..another opportunity to take the higher road.

Bummer…Looks like there is a company ski trip I have been asked to plan that weekend.  I don’t ski…but I should probably go; just to make sure everything goes well.

Give the bride my best 🙂

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