Oo! Oo! PICK ME!

I have been trying for YEARS to regain the love of my favorite niece in the whole world.  She and I were inseparable until the introduction of friends, puberty, middle school and cell phones.  I mean…I know she loves me.  But it is not the same unless you are free to have shenanigans while moms not looking.

Things like swinging at the park after dark.  Exploring, and consequently falling in the stream behind the park.  Hitting up the grocery store for craft supplies….in our PJ’s.  Rolling down all the windows in the car and heading down the freeway at 60 making the perfect wind car.  Swinging by Michael’s to make the perfect hat to wear to dinner.  Shopping spree at flea markets, using nothing but quarters.

Road trips, backyard forts and bouncy houses.  Dancing man, ice cream trucks and anything else that child wants; as long as there is a “please” on the end.

Today I FINALLY got the call.  My services were needed to extract and entertain the pre-teen, so her parents could have the evening to themselves. OMG OMG OMG  I can do this.  This is what I have been training so hard for.

Step one – Send her a text showing the items Uncle GD picked up last night just for her; and ask if she is free to come over and lean to play.

Step two – Take her to a hip and trendy place, that her parents would never splurge for and show her where the cool aunt shit in the woods

Step two B – When there is no one there to help learn the game, grab Chinese food and head back to the house to watch some video tutorials.

Step three – After dinner take her and hubz to break into the office.  While Uncle GD waits in the getaway car, head upstairs and pick out the most bad ass Nerf gun, garbage can of bullets and a pocket full of ZOTS.

Step four – Spend the rest of the evening channel surfing till her parents come.

Let’s hope the evening was enough to remind her that I am the cool one….its okay to hang with family when they are cool!!

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