Books & Babies

Haught615 came over, on her way to a baby shower.  She came equipped with a bottle of champs and a children’s book.  There was one last detail left for the event and she needed my help. I poured us each a double mimosa, and listened to the directions. Hey! Don’t judge.  In both our worlds, there is no worse scenario than a positive EPT.  Consequently, we are usually the only ones there with our original sized vajayjay holes. It is easier to tolerate all the Pintrest and cupcakes with a buzz.

In lieu of cards, the party planners asked the guests to bring a book.  The idea behind it would be for mommy to read the message and book to the spawn; sharing who gave her the book.

She bought Little Red Riding hood…leaving little to work with as far as an inspirational message go.  I told her she should have bought Goodnight Moon.  Then her inscription could be “sweet dreams”.  After telling me how many different places I could shove my shoulda coulda woulda’s, she asked me to get my markers and help her with this for real.

She suggested “happy skipping” and “enjoy the journey”.

I came up with  “watch your back” and “don’t talk to strangers”

Once the side splitting abdominal pain subsided and we were able to stand upright and wipe the tears away; we settled on “This is my favorite story.”

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