With 8 inches of snow covering our city, it was not shocking that the mail didn’t come.  It wouldn’t have mattered cause I left before he would have been there….but still.  In wanting to send a jab to USPS, I Googled the phrase we all think is their motto.  Turns out “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds” has nothing to do with the post office.  They just put the phrase/quote up on an old post office building.  Maybe they were just using up some funds set aside for “ART”?

The post office is the biggest scam the US has to offer, just under the frisking of social security dollars to pay for my parents retirement when I will not receive the same government support when my time comes.  It is sort of like an unemployment program where you are forced to sort out a seamlessly never ending pieces of mail daily, in exchange for your benefit check.  Cause, let’s face it….if they were to shut down this “forever in the red” branch of the government….all those lazy mother fuckers will still be latched onto the tit of the government.

We could house all of the city’s homeless, using the windows that are NEVER open during the busiest times at the post office.  We could use labor to staff soup kitchen and litter patrols. I mean if they are just going to drive around and decide which houses they want to get out and deliver to or not, then they can use the other 7.5 hours on the clock to do something useful. I get it, they are antisocial people.  Mostly because English is their second language.  They don’t want to talk to work face-to-face with anyone, as shown by several cases of being lazy and spreading notices for you all to come to the post office and get your shit yourself.  Yes. They have actually been caught coming up to the door of the recipient and just slapping a note on the door.  Do they not teach how to fucking knock anymore?  Or is that another language too?

They don’t have to collect your mail.  Another head scratcher I know.  If there is nothing to drop off for you, you are not worthy of having your mail collected.  That is a special privilege for those who still like to write checks.

So let me recap this for you:

They do not have to provide more than one customer service representative per city, for the purpose of buying goods and services.

They do not have to deliver your mail.

They do not have to pick up your mail.

But they are government employees who receive consistent pay and raises, eligible for full benefits and after a life time in the cushy gig….a pension.

I don’t look good in fake ass denim blue, but I would tolerate it.  Plus a company car 😉

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