I dare you

I have been in this millennial filled office for about 8 months.  Since becoming the new den mother , I have reach out numerous times to the team in regards to their partnership with regards to the kitchen area.  I know I am not the first person to wish people would stop acting like they are allergic to dish soap.

We do have someone come to the office and do some tidying up of the kitchen, conference and gathering areas.  He is here for just 2 hours 4 times a week.  It isn’t much but without it, this place would look like one gigantic dorm room.

So, after just sending an email the 500th reminder, imagine my surprise when The Beanstalk swirled the water around in his coffee cup place it neatly in the corner of the sink.  I closed the door to the fridge and immediately summoned him back.  I said “you’re not actually going to leave that in the sink are you?”

In each email I warn that if I spot an offender, I will have no problem calling them out.  After 10 years of collections, I have learned that you have to follow through if you are going to get through.  Each and every time I said I was going to report my shit stolen if they didn’t catch the bill up….the officer showed up.  In fact, my MO is to sit patiently and POUNCE at the first cross of the line.

M – I thought we had The Stache coming in to help out

ME –  we do. But he is not your personal maid.  Is this how you are at home?

M – I don’t know where to put it.

ME – Well you are in luck!  the dishwasher is right here.  Check it out (opens the door) there is plenty of room for your little cup.

M – I didn’t know that this was the way we were doing it now.

ME – You see that sign? Pointing to the laminated one that has been mounted to the wall above the sink since before I started.  The sign lets team members know that dishes belong in the dishwasher NOT the sink.  It goes on further to say that if the dishwasher is full….RUN IT! and it is clean…EMPTY IT!

M – Oh.


It felt really good to make good on my promise. If you need me I will be on my laptop in the break room and wait for the next one 🙂

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