About last night

I have the ability to radiate 500 degrees of heat from my body, after just a few minutes under the goose down.  It is a gift I got from my mother, the original Harriet Hotbody.  Because of this our room is kept at the same frigid temperatures as outside.

Last night, Hubz jumped into bed (fully clothed) and snuggled right up to me.  I wrapped my legs around him and asked him why it was that my feet were like ice and my body was on fire.  With his hands on my thigh, he said “this part of you is really hot compared to your feet.” To which I replied “that is cause my loins are burning for you.”

Without skipping a beat he corrected me with “No. the pork loin is here I think” and ran his hands down one side of my back.

Who said anything about PORK?!?


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