Following the leader

New to the executive assistant world myself, I knew I would need to rein it in, before I declared myself smarter than everyone and ready to take on the world.  I had to be nice to the rest of the ladies because at the start, they had a better grasp of how it worked than I did.  That was short lived.

Eight months in and I am ready to slap the shit out of every one of them.

I chatted with problem child #1.  We went over her executive’s availability.  I took great notes, ran it by the HMFIC and sent out a follow up email with alternate dates.  Her reply to the new dates?  “…I know we spoke about this previously…”  Really????? Cause this is the first time I have offered alternate dates.  I patted her on the head for her ability to read minds and provide the conflict prior to the offer; then  encouraged her to think next time and not send such shitty replies.

Problem child #2 responded to suggestion for alternate dates with “should I assume these meetings will still be in California?” .  I let her know that I was only working on dates; nothing has changed about the locations on the original email.  (and attached it to the reply so she can educate herself before replying again).  It is like they just reply to what is in front of them.  No reference, recollection or anything that involves thinking before responding.

Problem child #3 is worried that I didn’t see that her executive was not available those dates.  She reached out to make sure I got her email and wondered if we could make some changes to the plan.  Sweetie…that dude is just invited out of courtesy.  You don’t work for anyone THAT important.

Females in their first “big girl job” are no match for me.  I have mastered how to type “professionally” which Hubz calls Bitch-ease; and can knock them down faster than the read- receipt makes it to them.

The student becomes the teacher.

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