Splish Splash

I have the motivation of a sloth.  There are days when I have the get up and go, but most days it just got up and went….leaving me on the couch with chex mix.  I definitely needed to do something about this.  I like to walk…but you have no idea what the weather is going to be like.  If I cannot wear my Lucy pants, sneakers, sports bra, tank top and visor, I ain’t going.  Everything else either makes me too hot or I have to carry it with me. Total excuses but it is how I feel so we are going with it.

I also love water aerobics.  No joke….that shit is the bomb.  Best activity you will ever do. Best results. Very easy on the ol chassis. Plus it is mostly seniors so I feel young.  Unfortunately, the class I want to take with the best instructor on the planet does not mesh with my schedule.  Her flunky co-worker hosts a class just up the road at a great time…but she SUCKS!  So I have decided that I am going to do laps.

I held up going to the pool and actually joining, because I was waiting for my next hair appointment.  Any sane individual would consult their stylist for the best way to handle, manage and protect the locks.  I have not spent years and year and years growing this fabulous head of hair; only to have the chlorine eat it from the inside out. (no joke…that is what it does)

Got a cap.

And a speeding ticket in the school zone outside the pool.

I am so pissed about it, I have decided avoid that road at all costs.  Including the price of the swim cap that slides from one end of my trunk to the next when I take a corner.

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