I ordered some supplement shakes and energy drinks from a friend of mine.  She lives a ways away so I opted to have them shipped.  My new favorite thing is to have my presents delivered to me at work.  I love it when I forget I ordered something or when it shocks me and comes WAY sooner than I thought.  So I gave her the office address and looked forward to my treats on Friday.

Saturday morning she sent me a Face Book message letting me know they made an attempt to deliver but no one was there.  They would try again on Tuesday.  Tuesday came and went and nothing showed up.  I reached out to my friend on Wednesday and asked if she could track my package.  The Tuesday activity showed “no attempt made.”  What the fuck?

That’s it?  The driver gets to pick and choose when gets out of the truck?  I did my second favorite thing to do….call customer service.

Lashonda tracked the package for me and said that it was on the truck at 6:43 am and out for delivery today.  I replied that I could see that; and reminded her that it was in the same status yesterday.  That apparently doesn’t mean I will actually get it.  I asked her how she thought the driver was doing today? Did she think he felt motivated?  I saw both the express and ground drivers yesterday…and they didn’t bring it in.  Tell me more about this third service you offer.  Must be for the drivers who are so close to retirement, you want to keep them as far away from harm as you can.  Because you would rather attend a going away party than settle a disability claim.  So you set father time up in a Nissan Leaf and let them make as many deliveries as a single charge will allow; and they can pick and choose how many stops that is?

Or was it more like the ice cream truck arrangement?  When I see the truck in the parking lot, I have to run out to see if there is one for us.

She stated again that the package was on the truck and should be delivered today.  See?!?!  There it is….SHOULD.  Lashonda, the box was placed on the truck at 6:43 am today; that is 37 minutes later than it was put on the truck YESTERDAY.  Now the driver has even less time to get the job done today; how confident was she that this was going to actually happen?

I can always tell when I have a representative in a corner.  Much like playing dead, in the hopes that the bear stops mauling you. (in this scenario I am sure you already know…I am the bear).  This is when I offer a great option on how we can handle this.  If I see the truck and do not receive a package, I am going to call her back.  She agreed.  Now I just needed her DIRECT number…..

That started a completely separate conversation and solution; which included me HOLDING until I got my box.  But I won’t bore you with those details.

I got my package J

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