Well Shit!

Tonight was the orientation for the Humane Society volunteer program.  They warned that they would not allow anyone to come in after the 6 pm start; so I left in plenty of time for this not to be an issue.

Arrived to the very crowded YMCA parking lot and began looking for a spot.  It took me 7 attempts but I was able to squeeze into one of the last spots left.  I took a look at the address again and saw it was at the community center.  Oh well that is just across the street; and when I drove by there were plenty of parking spots so I will just head over there.

I backed out of my spot and proceeded to go back the way I came.  It was a little frustrating that everyone was being a lane hog and making it hard to get by.  That is when I saw the great big arrow…pointing the opposite of the way I was going.

I began to wave and mouth I’m sorry to all my new friends I was pissing off.  I got just about to the end when this ass hole makes it even harder for me to get by.  Creeping along slowly and pointing to the direction I should be going. I mouth (even louder) I know I know I am sorry!! He continued to be an ass…I continued to mouth shout apologies.  I finally just rolled down my window and told where Mr. Perfect could stick it!  To the horror of some poor mom who dropped her jaw and yanked her children tight to her side.

I finally wiggled my way out of there, across the street and down the EXIT ONLY driveway….yeah….it’s a theme tonight.  Found an upfront parking spot, locked up the DIVA mobile and sauntered into the community center in Kardashian style.  Top bun, new scarf and the most adorable red Kate Spade.

No one in the lobby and no one at the front desk…so I continued around the corner.  I asked the two “ladies” in the office there, if they knew where the Humane Society orientation was.  She looked at me sympathetically and said “that was yesterday.”


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