Not so happy hour

In preparation for meeting up with the ladies tonight, Charlie and I looked ahead at the happy hour menu.  Charlie was bent because a glass of bubbles was going to be $7…when the bottle is only $13 at Safeway.  I decided on the $9 Pino Gris by the glass.  And off we went.

We headed back to a private corner of the bar and ordered our drinks.  Charlie decided to get in on the Pino action, so we ordered a bottle.

More friends joined, the birthday girl opened her gifts and we caught up on what’s been going on since we last saw each other.  We order some appetizers, Charlie and I ordered another bottle and we proceeded to entertain the rest of the bar with our silly behavior and uproars or side splitting laughter.

We’d been there about 3 hours when it was decided we should pack it in and let everyone get home; it was after all a school night. Charlie and I asked the waitress for our tab.  When it arrived….well let me say…the only other time I have been that shocked is when we made a pit stop for a “snack” of sushi in Vegas.  OMG!  My eyes got big and I immediately wondered how I was going to break this to Charlie.

She doubted it could be that bad and asked to see the bill.  Neither one of us could believe such a large number could fit on such a small piece of paper.

Those were $70 bottles.  W……T………F ?!?!?!

We proceeded to laugh hysterically at jokes about being able to afford parking.  How were we going to eat the rest of the week. That it wasn’t much more than my purchase at the Pure Romance party….and I enjoyed those items more than the $17.50 glasses of wine.

On our way out, we made pit stop before heading down to the garage…….and emptied the bathroom of all the tampons they had.  Those things are EXPENSIVE… and I no longer had the funds for them this month.

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