For those of you just joining us

That is a super nice way to say “let me stop what I am doing to catch you lazy fuck up!”

I get up at 6 am….well more like 6:20-6:30am…to start my day.  I turn on the news, Mix up my java lava and do some light picking up from the destruction that is my typical evening.  Every morning I get to listen to the same news stories over and over and over.  It is like at the top and bottom of each hour, the station manager gets a ping about all the alarms that have gone off since they have been on the air.  Then instructs the desk puppets to repeat what they just said.

Or is it that we have such a low intelligence score in our area, they feel repeating is the best way of retention.  I can see that.  There is nowhere to hide either.  ALL the stations are doing it. One channel up or one channel down…repeat repeat repeat.

The political uproar in our country has made this problem even worse.  It is all people are talking about.  Though they did just break in to tell us about someone who died under a light rail train in the CD…but that is about it.  Local news wants to discuss the first models outfits of the inaugural weekend, Baby spawns academic plans and pictures of the first circus bowling in the white house.  OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

It would be more entertaining to dive into the person who thought they could outrun a fucking train.

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