Sweet Revenge.


After my emergency trip to KFC, I got back to my internet stalking…I mean “research”.  Here is what I learned today:

Bachelor #2 is a limousine driver.  He just renewed his license last month and let me tell you…he has NOT aged well.  All those hours I spent waiting for him to sculpt the perfect fro and that man ended up bald.  HAHAHAHA

Bachelor #3 not only lost his father in 2014; but his oldest son died in a Florida jail just last year.  I am sensitive about loss and that is never something I would take lightly or poke fun of.  HOWEVER for someone who boasted that I was that I was the biggest girl he ever dated….. he sure went out of his way to top the scales out on the person he married. And it turns out…a woman CAN wear too much blue eye shadow.

I read up on all the hot dope on the criminals in my past/present.  Seems the squatter has a hard time resisting the urge to write checks on other people’s account and the landowner cannot be trusted around senior citizens.  They make quite a pair over there.

Malibu Barbie is still in a bitter custody battle with the sperm donor.

My prom date hasn’t surfaced yet.

All of my married friends, family  have applied for and filed proper marriage documents.

Just know….I got my eyes on all of you!  HaHaHa


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