Out to lunch

I admit…I eat out A LOT!  Most of the time I have something for lunch; it just never sounds good when Charlie wants to know “what’s for lunch?”.  She hates everything and nothing ever sounds good. So we talk about options over IM , which makes me even more hungry.

Our lunch time adventures have taken us to many of the options within a 5 mile radius of the office.  And man is there some good mid-day entertainment out there!

We have watched a woman at Taco Time enjoy her lunch consisting of a side of shredded cheese, side of onions , a plate of lettuce and a bottle of various colored pills.

There was a young lady at McDonalds who touched everything to her nose before she ate it.  Consequently, she had ice cream and ketchup on the end of her nose.

At Red Robin we watched in horror as the gentleman next to us ate a stick of gum in between bottomless fries.

Now that I think about it; my lunch time need to go out and forage for food could be fueled by my desire to watch what is called the human race.  It is nice to know that I am not alone…as I dismantle my BBQ turkey dip sandwich; so I can dip the turkey and bread separately in the BBQ sauce.

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