T’was the night before work…

Though I have said it time and time again…I rarely follow my own advice.  My day would start off dramatically better, if I set my clothes out the night before.  And not just set them out; try that shit on! It is not how I WANT it to look and how it actually does.  Every fucking morning it is the same melt down.

The shower makes me hot, the house is hot, blow-drying my hair makes me hot.  I try on clothes…it just gets hotter.  Clothes start sticking to my skin, I feel fat, I HAVE NO CLOTHES!!!

And even if I did have clothes, NONE of these shoes are going to work.  It is raining and all I have are sandles and a pair of Dansko’s.  I HAVE NO SHOES!!!

I throw the window open to cool off the bedroom and go turn the fan on in the living room.  I get a glass of water and stand in the front of the fan for about 10 minutes.

I finally find something to wear that I don’t hate, am reminded of how fat and sweaty I am when none of my rings fit and out the door I go.

And…..I forgot my lunch.

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