To know me is to love me

I absolutely HATE Wells Fargo.  With the white hot intensity of a thousand suns.  I have dealt for years with the apologies for not being able to speak to me about my HUSBANDS account.  Not being able to get any assistance with my HUSBANDS loan.  Not able to change the account address without my HUSBAND being present.  ARGH!  It is like we are back in the 70’s and things need to be man-splained to us.

We recently sold our entire real estate portfolio and paid off all our debt.  This dramatically reduced the funds held at Wells Fargo.  When I called to find out the reason for the $15 service fee, I was told that, if you do less than $100K worth of business, your checking account will not be free.   Wow!  Okay.  I then asked when they informed us this change to our account.  Tamika Shakwan, very inconvenienced by my phone call 10 minutes before the end of her shift, explained to me that they did not send anything.  When asked how I was supposed to know; she let me know that the fees were all listed in the paperwork, when I first opened the account.  12 years ago…..

Do any of you remember the terms of your checking account?  I mean shit….my parents have been at Bank of America since it was fucking Seafirst.  I wonder if they remember the terms of their checking account.

I sent a text to Hubz and told him to meet me at the credit union…..we are OUTTA THERE!  I whipped out our ID’s and debit cards, looked over and chose the account we wanted and gave the green light to the 12 year old behind the desk to start the process.  Unfortunately, since our address was not correct on our license’s (remember…we JUST moved!) we were not able to complete the process.  We were sent home to either get the license’s corrected or find a utility with our address on it.

On the way out to the car, poor Hubz softly questioned…..”do you still even want to use them for a bank?”   hahahahaha  No one loves me like he does.

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