Highway Robbery

Before I started working at Heaven on Earth, they used a firm we will call “Hamburgler” do furnish the office. The  Hamburgler professional whipped up a trendy office style that truly represented our millennial way of life.

Unfortunately, working with Hamburgler has turned into one of the most difficult relationships I have ever been forced to have.  If you would like to order or better yet RE-order something for the office, it is NOT as simple as calling them up and letting them know.  NO WAY!  I couldn’t be further from the qualifications required to speak Hamburgler.  I should absolutely leave it up to the professionals.  The Hamburgler professionals that is….not just anyone can work with this most precious of all office furniture.

In order to place an order, they need to send a Hamburgler professional to come out and listen to you describe your vision.  Then they take all that information and return to headquarters.  A few days later , they send you the quote, outlining all the products you are going to need to make your dream a reality….along with the BILL for their services.  Yes, that’s right; I have to pay to be told what I need to order.

Doesn’t matter if I am simply placing an order for an identical piece of furniture to one that is in the office….I cannot place an order without working with a Hamburgler professional first.

It is like pulling up to the gas station and having to pay a mechanic to tell you that you need unleaded before you can pump it.

If you let my dad tell it…I have fired every vendor the company had prior to my first day.  Well fear not….. I am not done yet.   I have a company Amex and IKEA delivers.

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