Hand Held Human Remote

It is no longer just a cell phone.  Life has become so complicated we continue to turn to our devices as if it were a fucking magic 8 ball.  Whether you want to know what is going on in Russia or see pictures you’re your besties baby shower…. Just check the phone.  Do you want to know if a friend is interested in grabbing a bite; just activate that thing attached to your palm.

It is also the most visited place for entertainment.  When was the last time you were able to make it through an entire meal without the phone making it to the table?  How many hours have you spent looking at the top of someone’s head because they have found themselves memorized by the glowing screen?  How many car rides have you endured in silence because the passengers would rather get caught up with the slide of their finger rather than conversation? Those of us who prefer human contact and interaction, have truly become the minority.

OH I have a phone.  I have an iPhone 6.  I am just a week away from trading up to the 6Splus…the big bitch!! I have Facebook, instagram and many text strings with friends from all over the country.  That is not what I am describing , so stand down if you were itching to unleash your terror of feedback in the comment section.

My phone is in a perpetuate state of do not disturb.  My ringer is off and there are no vibrations.  More often than not, my phone is in my purse.

If we are together, YOU are my focus.  If I am out with other friends, I won’t be able to interrupt our time to answer your text about which scarf you should buy.   I have been known to snap a picture of my food or a silly face….I will just post it later so I can get back to the good time we are having.

…..and my feelings get hurt when I am not extended the same courtesies.

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