It’s happening.

You know you are old when you don’t recognize most of the celebrities in US weekly or when you roll your eyes at some of the fashion choices.   Every assistant who gave their thumbs up in the dressing room needs to be shot.  Most of the items are not even worthy of a Goodwill donation.  Then there was the lack of modesty.  I mean, if some of that shit was any shorter…they would have two more cheeks to powder.

While surfing MSN I ran across the movie poster from Thelma and Louise.  One of the handful of movies I have seen in its entirety.  The caption for the article “10 movies from the 90’s  you have to see!”.  Thanks for reminding me what decade we are in :/  The next slide was worse….”Do you remember these classic tech toys?”  Now I am a classic…..

I have lived through valley girls, jelly shoes, walk mans with tapes….yes TAPES!!!! I passed notes (not texts), used a rotary dial and went skating on Friday nights. Fuck time out…my ass was spanked!  I survived Y2K!! Our family vacations were in a car not a plane, we respected those older than us and wrote thank you notes before we could even open our Christmas gifts.

Yep….I am getting old.

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