P.S.A. (Public Service Announcement)

I have the mouth (or fingers in this case) of a trucker.   You might just read a post that contains 7 F bombs in the first sentence.  Its just how I am.  My poor sister…every Sunday dinner she has to leap in front of each swear word so that it does not reach Mini Me’s ears.  I am sure Mini knows the difference between what she is allowed to say vs. adults…she is fucking smart!  <—- see?   But you never know.  When I was a child, one thing my mother said to me a lot was “what sounds fine coming out an adults mouth does NOT sound find coming out of yours!”  I was no where close to fucking smart.

She gives me that look across the room, with sparkling purple daggers flying from her eyes.  I say “what?” *shrugs and clueless look*  She reminds me that there are little ears in the room and to clean up the language.  I myself see it as more of a parenting opportunity.  Let me be me and it will spark some great conversations on the car ride home.  “Aunt Silly sure has a potty mouth.  Remember to not repeat those words; you don’t want to end up like her do you?”




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